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South Korea investigating Apple's antitrust complaints of Samsung


Samsung and Apple are engaged in a bitter legal battle over patents both here in the US and overseas. Besides court cases like the high-profile one in the Northern District of California, Apple and Samsung are also taking their complaints to the FTC and other, smaller regulatory boards. According to a report in Reuters, the latest battleground is in South Korea, which is investigating whether Samsung broke antitrust rules when it accused rivals of infringing its 3G cellular patents.

The South Korean complaint was filed by Apple and alleges that Samsung is unfairly competing by abusing its dominant position in cellular technology. The company holds many patents on 3G cellular technology and pledged to license these patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND). Apple claims that Samsung is not licensing these patents fairly and is using them as a legal weapon against its competitors. Samsung denies Apple's assertion and claims it is licensing its patents under FRAND terms.

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