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Valve: Greenlight will 'continue to evolve' in coming weeks and months


Following the divisive announcement of Steam Greenlight's $100 fee, Valve says the service will "continue to evolve" across the near future. Speaking to Gamasutra, Valve's UI designer Alden Kroll said users inundated his company with suggestions following Greenlight's launch last week, and that he and his colleagues aren't done tweaking with the service yet.

"We have a huge list of suggestions from customers and the lessons we've learned from shipping," Kroll revealed, "so Greenlight will definitely continue to evolve over the next weeks and months as we tune the system and add valuable features."

The debate over Steam Greenlight's merits and faults rages on, and in particular over the $100 barrier. This week we asked several indie developers what they thought about the service, including Minecraft's Markus 'Notch' Persson, Super Meat Boy's Edmund McMillen, and Analogue: A Hate Story's Christine Love.

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