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Breakfast Topic: Why do I run dungeons at 4 in the morning?

Matthew Rossi

Seriously, why do I do this? Why am I doing this right as I type this Breakfast Topic? (I'm currently tanking a trash pack. Yep, still alive.) I mean, I love WoW, really I do, but it's the wee (extremely wee even) hours of the morning and I'm tabbing in and out of the game to run a dungeon and I have no idea why. Is it a curse? Did I offend a magus? Perhaps I simply have a rare syndrome that has me queue up to tank random dungeons instead of sleepwalking.

Sorry. Had to actually pay attention there for a minute. Anyway, I'm back now. One of the things I really notice tanking these dungeons in the deep blue time when morning and evening are almost the same thing is how much kiting I have to do to tank these bosses. Dawnsinger and her smoke cloud, then Benedictus and his floor of doom. I usually barely even think about it save to move out of it, but doing that this late or early depending on your point of view really makes me pay attention, possibly because I'm barely conscious.

Anyway, any of you out there play at ludicrous hours? If so, why? If not, congratulations on being sensible.

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