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Anime Studio 9 for Mac arrives in pro, debut versions


Anime Studio is a really popular animation system for illustrators and animators, and there's good news about the app for Mac users: Anime Studio 9 has now arrived on our platform, in both pro and debut versions. You can see the full comparison of pro and debut features over here, but both versions offer a really impressive Bone Rigging system that allows animators to simply create a skeleton and then pose it for different frames. Other features include an animation timeline and even an included physics engine to help artists make quick and easy physics-based animations.

You can also work with audio right inside the app and there's a whole set of vector drawing features for artists to use as well. Anime Studio is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make animations, and it's now available on your favorite OS as well. You can pick up the pro version for $149.99 right now (on sale for $50 less than usual), or the debut version for $29.99.

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