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Behind the scenes with "Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say" creators


Author Ken Segall has interviewed Mac Consultant Scott Rose, the man behind the satirical and funny "Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say" video series and published the details online. Segall, who is the author of Insanely Simple, found that the project grew significantly as Rose and his partners worked on it.

Rose, who plays the fanatic in the video, shared the idea with his cinematographer / editor friend Andrew Baird. The pair originally imagined they'd spend "a couple of hours" shooting and about a day editing. Instead, they produced over eight hours of video, shot on location and spent a day writing.

Segall also notes that all of the extras were picked up at the various shoot locations with an invitation as simple as, "Want to be in a video?"

It's a great series even if it does hit a little close to home. I mean, how many of these things have you said? Be honest, now.

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