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Champions Online Exclusive: Rock out with Sapphire!


With Champions Online reaching its third anniversary this month, the team at Cryptic Studios is pulling out all the stops to make it one for the scrapbooks (because superheroes totally scrapbook and don't let anyone tell you differently).

Starting next week, players can enjoy rewards such as legacy gear and vanity pets as well as an upcoming concert starring Sapphire. Don't get too complacent with the festivities, however, as rampaging robots will be trying to crash the party. These machines are part of Dr. Destroyer's army from 1992 and are building up to a full-on invasion of Millennium City later this month.

Get a jump on the party with an exclusive listen to Sapphire's anniversary song and a sneak peek at a trio of new comic book-style loading screens that are coming soon to the title!

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