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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC characters found on Xbox 360 disc


Some dataminers have apparently discovered extra hidden characters on the Xbox 360 game disc for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Sorry, still no Gon to be seen, but discovered fighters include that old coot Dr. Bosconovitch, original Tekken Tag Tournament boss character Unknown, a skinny version of Bob, Xiaoyu's classmate Miharu, Emilie "Lilli" de Rochefort's butler Sebastian and Lee's alter-ego, Violet.

While these characters have been found on the disc, it appears they aren't hidden characters players will unlock in the retail version of the game. Instead, the full playable characters appear to be future DLC to join the already proposed DLC characters. Namco has said that it plans to offer all character DLC free of charge, so we don't expect anyone will have to pay out of pocket to play as Dr. B when these fighters are officially unveiled.

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