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Apple's iPhone 5 unveiling happens tomorrow, get your liveblog here!

Tim Stevens

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Yes, we're just a day away from the unveiling of the long-rumored, next-generation iPhone. Will it be the iPhone 5? Will it be The New iPhone? What's in a name, really? We invite you to weigh on on that subject in the comments below, but if you were left wanting by the incremental step forward taken by the iPhone 4S we have a feeling you'll be feeling pretty good after this show is over. Tim Cook takes the stage at 10am PT on September 12th, but if you look in the time bubble floating below you'll see exactly when the event will happen in your neck of the woods. Oh, and if you're wondering where to go, you need only set your browser to this URL:

September 12, 2012 1:00 PM EDT

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