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Dead or Alive 5's Mila has good concentration skills [Update: Now with dev diary]


Mila, a diner waitress and MMA fighter, is the second new character in Dead or Alive 5's roster (the other being Rig). Maybe it's her enthusiasm to fight Bass Armstrong's daughter, but Mila does a great job of concentrating on beating up Tina in this trailer. You'd think she'd be distracted by a level of urban disaster that makes I Am Alive look like a flickering lamppost, but maybe her dual occupation lifestyle helps her to multitask.

We hope to find out on September 25, when the game comes out on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Update: In the meantime, jump past the break to take a look at Team Ninja's internal development process in the third episode of its Dead or Alive 5 developer diary series.

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