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Gathering no longer needs tools


Mining and skinning no longer require that you have a Mining Pick or a Skinning Knife in your bags, as of patch 5.0.4. If you're thinking you missed this change in the patch notes, you didn't. It's not there.

Don't throw away your tools just yet, however; each gives +10 to your skill. The new Herbalist's Spade is now available to give +10 to your herbalism as well. And if you have a Gnomish Army Knife, all three gathering professions get +10.

The Mining Pick, Skinning Knife and Herbalist's Spade can all be purchased from your local Trade Goods vendor. None of the tools have to be equipped in order to gain the bonuses, but the spade sure looks fetching, don't you think?

[Thanks for the tip, Atara!]

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