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    Live socially but financially responsible with Promissory


    In today's world of credit cards, tight social schedules and on-the-run meetings, it's easy for your financials to get entangled. You buy a coffee for a friend, you split a meal, you pay your share of the rent and so forth.

    Promissory (US$1.99) is an iOS app that lets you keep track of what you owe and who owes you what. Instead of trying to hold onto receipts or scribble down how much dinner cost last night, you can enter amounts as they happen.

    The person who picks up the tab links to the friends who offered to chip in, and the app keeps track of those values over time.

    I remember one time when a friend's ATM card stopped working, so I covered her expenses over a weekend in New Orleans. I wrote down everything on a list.

    After hitting a bank, she pulled out a couple of twenties to cover whatever I had been put out for and was shocked when I showed her the actual total, which I believe was just under $120. An itemized app such as this would have been just the thing.

    Sure, Promissory won't help when you're splitting a meal with the guy who orders an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and several beers when you just had a chicken salad sandwich, but it will provide an electronic trail of purchases, especially when you're the one who always ends up picking up the tab.

    The app lets you connect to and create accounts, so the debits and credits can be monitored from both sides. The design was easy enough to use in my testing, although I didn't have the flexibility of testing it over long periods of time to really see how it works in real-world conditions.

    Promissory lets you split bills, lend or borrow money, and keep track of paying back any balances you owe. It's a simple financial journaling app, but one that a lot of people might find handy.

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