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Resident Evil movie director: Monster Hunter movie planned


Paul W.S. Anderson, director of the first Resident Evil movie and the upcoming Resident Evil Retribution, offered the first hints of a movie based on another Capcom megahit franchise: Monster Hunter.

In an interview with Cinema Today, Anderson was asked what game he'd like to make a movie about next. "Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter," he said (translated from Japanese by Andriasang). "A film conversion is currently in planning." His brief response leaves many unanswered questions, like whether this is his own plan or an official studio decision, whether Capcom is involved yet, and whether Anderson is actually involved or if this is simply information he has about a movie progressing without him

What we do know is that if he is involved, Milla Jovovich will be hunting monsters.

[Image: Monster Hunter 4]

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