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WoW Moviewatch: Ode to Corpse Explosion in D Minor


The best way I can think of to review Ode to Corpse Explosion in D Minor is to narrate my experience watching the video. It went something like this.

"Oh," I say to myself. "A video featuring an in-game power. Sigh. I suppose I should watch it, harumph harumph." I sipped on my Earl Grey tea (hot), while stroking my purebred plaid wolfhound. Adjusting my monocle, I press play.

The video starts slow. Good thing I have my tea to entertain me. Sip sip. And then, suddenly, I burst out laughing and have a giggling good time for the remained of the show.

I can't tell you why this video is so funny, but it is hilarious. Take the time to enjoy it.

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