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Phase two of Elsword Awakened update brings dungeon changes [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

While phase one of the Elsword Awakened update focused on skills and enhancing PvP, the second phase centers on teamwork by zeroing in on dungeons. Not only can players delve into the new Velder's Hallucination dungeon and battle mammoth mobs, but the creatures occupying all dungeons have become smarter. Launching today, this update also includes level-60 items and makes crafting materials for weapons three times more plentiful than before.

In celebration of the update, players can participate in numerous pirate-themed events inspired by "Talk like Pirate Day," including banding together to repel bands of invading pirates. Folks who work together as a team can earn free pirate costumes and accessories.

Players can enjoy the Elsword Awakened update for free by downloading the game from the official site.

[Update: Trailer of Velder's Hallucination dungeon added]

[Source: Kill3rCombo press release]

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