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The Art of BioShock Infinite wants you to pre-order its propaganda


The Art of BioShock Infinite, a compendium of concept art, character designs and production stills, will launch on February 27, the day after the game itself drops, MTV Multiplayer reports. The art book is published by Dark Horse, who is behind the Hyrule Historia and many other gaming-comics crossovers, such as the Valve and Mass Effect collections.

The Art of Bioshock Infinite will feature an introduction from franchise creator Ken Levine. Along with confirmed character designs for Booker, Elizabeth and Songbird, we expect to see a few sketches of the game's notable enemies as well. Amazon has the book available for pre-order, with a list price of $40 and a release date that doesn't yet match up with the official announcement.

See the full cover for The Art of BioShock Infinite below.

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