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Wii U price and release date to be announced tomorrow [update: Reggie's invitation]


Nintendo is revealing the Wii U's price and release date during its Direct presentation tomorrow, Thursday, September 13. Nintendo announced the news on its Japanese Twitter feed, setting a time of 3AM Eastern (Midnight Pacific, 8AM Brit-time) for company president Satoru Iwata to reveal the core launch details about the console. The translated tweet reads:

"Good evening, it's Iwata from Nintendo. Tomorrow at 4pm [Japanese time] we'll broadcast online the Wii U's sale information. We'll tell you when the Wii U will launch and how much for."

Nintendo is streaming the presentation on its website tomorrow, and we'll have coverage of all the reveals as they happen. We figure it's worth staying up for – for us, not for you, you look prettier with a full eight hours rest. At 10AM Eastern Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will host a Wii U event in New York City, where we presume he'll reveal the US price and release date. There's a European Nintendo Direct scheduled for the same time.

Update: Reggie pops in to let us know there'll be a stream of his NYC event on the Wii U Facebook page. We'll be covering what he has to say right here.

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