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Arqball modeling app now works almost anywhere


A while ago, we covered the Arqball Spin, a special stage which, when used with an app, allowed anyone to create a 3D model of any object by rotating your iPhone's camera around it a few times. Back then, the whole thing was more idea than actual product, because you needed a special setup (so your iPhone could line up and see what you were modeling at exactly the right angle). However, Arqball has now released a new version of the app, and it's a lot more adaptable. You can now use essentially any rotating stage (from a record turntable to a lazy susan), and the free app will let you capture and model almost any object.

There's also a beta version of the app out for Android as well (though that doesn't matter much to us iOS users), and Arqball is also working on a feature that would let users import video of a spin from somewhere else, for example a higher quality DSLR, and/or share finished spin videos out to anyone else. The details on that aren't final yet -- Arqball says sharing may require an extra service fee of some kind. But clearly the tech is moving forward. In the future, getting a 3D view like this may be as simple as just taking a few pictures yourself.

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