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Dev Juice: Five things you'll want to know


Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod touch. Last evening, Apple invited developers to submit iOS 6 apps.

Here are five tidbits developers will want to know.

  1. The new Default image is called Default-568h@2x.png. The base size is 640 x 1,136. Once the image is added to your Xcode project, you can build for the new device.
  2. If you've been taking advantage of iOS 6's [redacted]layout, the porting should be near-instantaneous. If not, well, have fun. Make sure your key window stretches to the entire device screen. Your GUI should work as gracefully at 568 points as it does at 480.
  3. A tool like Hidden Memory's Resource Helper (US$9.99) helps you review the image items in your project. It locates which elements have not been fully specified at all screen scales. For example, you may not have provided all four icon sizes (for the iPhone family with and without Retina, and likewise for the iPad family). Or an image may only be provided for normal resolution, and you forgot to provide the @2x version. Resource Helper offers a great way to profile and inspect your image resources.
  4. MultipleQUE's Shipit ($2.99) can help reshape app images to customizable destination sizes. It's not an especially well-designed product and it doesn't know how to respect "fit to size" while retaining aspect. I'd welcome any alternative suggestions readers may have.
  5. Be sure to submit screenshots for all devices you will support via iTunes Connect, including the iPhone 5. This one bit me last night as an auto-reject. Ouch.

Update: Michael Howard points out that "When updating, seems like the option to add iPhone 5 screenshots doesn't even appear until after you've submitted." I thought that was what happened to me but discounted it as my having not filled out the form thoroughly. Good to have confirmation. Watch out for emails stating "The status for the following app has changed to Missing Screenshot." This should not affect new app submissions. I just checked in iTunes Connect and was properly prompted for all aspect types for a newly created app.

Update: iPhone 5 now appearing in iTC metadata for updates too.

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