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Nintendo announces Nintendo TVii, brings TV experience to Wii U [update: trailer]


As part of its Wii U conference, Nintendo has revealed Nintendo TVii. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime introduced the service, which will allow users to watch movies, sports and television via the Wii U. The service includes social features, allowing viewers to connect with other Wii U users via Twitter, Facebook and other services.

Nintendo TVii features a personalized program guide, which brings together what's on your television, "popular services" including Netflix and Hulu Plus, and even your DVR. Every user has their own profile, and Nintendo TVii will make program recommendations based on each profile's taste.

Browsing the service via the Wii U Gamepad, you can see what your friends are watching, mark favorite shows and even schedule a Tivo recording. The sports section allows users to quickly check scores, check out highlights and, of course, watch live games. Nintendo TVii is headed to both the United States and Canada. It will be included with every Wii U at no cost, with no monthly fee. Nintendo is "exploring" expansion across the Americas.

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