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Wii U WiiPads won't be sold separately at launch in US, will be later on

Jordan Mallory

We've known the Wii U can support the simultaneous usage of two WiiPads for as long as we've known that no launch titles will support such madness. Japanese Wii U owners will eventually be able to purchase extra WiiPads for ¥13,440 ($173), while Americans have not been given a price or separate release date yet.

"Through the launch window, there are no games that leverage a second controller," Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime told Engadget. "And so, during the launch window here in NOA territories, we will not be selling at retail a second gamepad. But certainly, when the games come out, we'll be making that accessory available."

We suppose that wanting to future-proof your living room against the inevitable games that will support two WiiPads could be a valid reason for buying one right now, but a more likely scenario is one involving children, permanent markers and that stylus-driven touchscreen. Anyone looking to replace a damaged or otherwise undesirable WiiPad will need to contact Nintendo customer support when the times comes.

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