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ArenaNet addresses balance in Guild Wars 2

It's a rule of any skill system that once you put it in the hands of millions of players for a lengthy period of time, they will absolutely break it in ways you never imagined. Even if they don't manage to create terrifyingly imbalanced builds, they'll find things that need patching up and tweaking. So, in keeping with time-honored tradition, ArenaNet has been putting out patches to fix bugs in the game and rectify balance flaws.

The most recent game update notes hold not major changes but minor adjustments to functionality. ArenaNet is taking a "wait and see" approach to balancing, which Jon Peters explained a bit in a recent forum post.
In the past we made balance updates fairly frequently. While we will continue to be responsive to serious issues, we also want to make sure that we let the basic meta-game stabilize before making too many changes.

If you see something that is really strong please try and find counters to it before assuming it is overpowered. We have put a lot of hours into the game already and there are still many things we are learning about the depth of the combat and the balance. There are also finally enough players consistently playing that we can actually gather metrics on skills and make some more informed decisions about what is too weak/strong.

Please don't hesitate to point out builds that look like they could use some balance work. We are constantly striving to make Guild Wars 2 the most balanced game it can be and appreciate all of your feedback.
Peters proceeded to tell players that the devs are striving for quick turnaround on real issues, but that they would prefer to thoroughly test fixes for the long-term health of the game.

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