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Engadget speaks to company behind Nintendo TVii


i.TV is the company powering Nintendo TVii, the integrated television system for the company's Wii U console. Speaking with Engadget, i.TV CEO Brad Pelo said that despite there clearly being more powerful tablet devices out there, the Wii U and its WiiPad makes sense for what it's trying to do with Nintendo TVii.

"You might not think of it as the ideal hardware compared to an iPad if I really had a dedicated second screen," Pelo said. "But it is in the living room, and it's persistent. It doesn't even really work outside of the living room – it's attached to the main viewing service in the home."

Asked about similar initiatives with Sony's PlayStation Vita or Microsoft's Smartglass, Pelo says what's been shown on those devices isn't a unifying experience that works for every show or app.

Pelo explained, "This is a comprehensive solution, and what some of the other game consoles have at least talked publicly about, I don't see as comprehensive solutions. I see them as models that, to some degree, have been tried already in the market, particularly in the last year. We've tried this siloed app experience with television and that isn't lasting, so I just believe that this strategy would be the winning strategy."

Read more of Pelo's conversation with the site at Engadget.

Note: i.TV powers parent-company services AOL TV and HuffPo live.

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