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Guild Wars 2: The state of the economy

Guild Wars 2 has been out for a while, and now that it's trading post is up and the window for saying that we can't judge the economy because the game is brand-new is closing, ArenaNet's John Smith is here to grace you with some insight and knowledge.

In a new Guild Wars 2 news post, Smith takes a look at the state of the economy in the game. Between the rough start that the trading post had and the veritable flood of crafting items created as players raced toward mastercraftsman status, several markets are more than a little out of whack. Smith said that adjustments are being made to bring markets "closer to non-vendor based equilibrium" (praise be!) and that to help clear up some of the excess supply, limited-time Mystic Forge recipes will be implemented for players to use up some of their heaping piles of butter overloaded items. He also addressed the problem of exploits and their effect on the market.

For all the painstaking details and a nifty chart, hit up the official news post.

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