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Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Max Go apps for iOS updated with support for closed captions


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In a move that should please the hard of hearing and anyone trying to watch a video quietly sans-headphones, the Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Max Go apps for iOS devices have all recently been updated with support for closed captions. The portable apps for HBO and Cinemax got their refresh yesterday along some unspecified enhancements and bug fixes. For Hulu Plus, the update to version 2.6 not only brings a subtitle toggle for English and other languages, where available (on iOS 4.3 and higher), but also sharing via Twitter, Facebook and email, a 10 second rewind button and the usual unspecified other tweaks. Due to its market share Netflix has gotten most of the pressure when it comes to offering captions, but its good to see other streaming options getting on board as well. All the apps are free, even though the services aren't, hit the source links below to grab the latest versions.

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