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iPhone 5 contract prices for UK phone networks published


The US isn't the only country whose residents are up early pre-ordering the iPhone 5 today. Other countries like the UK are also kicking off sales of the next generation iPhone. In the UK, customers have a variety of carriers, several different price points and even multiple retail stores from which to shop. Here is a quick rundown of the pricing and plans available for Apple's next generation handset.

  • Vodafone: Vodafone lets you grab the 16 GB iPhone 5 for free if you agree to pay £47 a month for two years on a plan that includes 2 GB of data and unlimited voice and text. If £47 is too steep, customers can pay £249 for an iPhone on a £25 monthly plan.
  • Orange: Orange offers a free 16 GB iPhone 5 on a £46 plan that includes 3 GB of data, unlimited texts and calls and a two-year agreement. Customers who don't mind paying £320 for their iPhone can sign up for a £20 monthly plan that includes 100 MB of data, 50 text messages and 50 minutes of voice calling.
  • T-Mobile UK: T-Mobile UK is offering a paid version of the iPhone that'll cost £109 for the 16 GB model. The associated monthly plan costs £36 and includes unlimited internet with 2000 voice minutes.
  • Everything Everywhere: Customers who buy an iPhone 5 at T-Mobile or Orange will be able to switch once EE fires up its 4G network.
  • Three UK: Three UK has the 16 GB iPhone for £79 when you sign up for its unlimited data One Plan for £36 per month.
  • O2: O2 is offering the iPhone for free if you agree to a minimum £46 monthly plan, which includes 1 GB of data and unlimited texts and messages. Customers can choose to pay upfront for the iPhone in exchange for a less expensive monthly plan. For example, a 16 GB iPhone 5 will cost £99.99 with a £36 monthly plan.
  • Phones4U: The retailer is accepting pre-orders for customers who want to buy an iPhone 5 and sign up with Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone.
  • Carphone Warehouse: The retailer is accepting pre-orders, with the 16 GB model available online and other models available via telesales.

If you live in the UK and pre-ordered today, let us know how it went in the comments. We'd love to know what model/carrier combo you picked.

[Via Engadget]

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