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Jagged Alliance Online launches


If you're fondling fully-automatic weapons in the dark right now, just wishing that you had a target for your elite skills, then... please don't tell us. Please. We'd be forced to report you. But you might be interested to hear that gamigo has ended the beta for Jagged Alliance Online, which means it's transitioned into an official launch.

The turn-based multiplayer strategy title has recently implemented special contracts known as warzones, a crafting system, alliances, and the ability to respec skill points. The company has also released a brand-new website and trailer to commemorate the big occasion.

Executive Board Member Patrick Streppel explains the lengthy beta for JAO: "Together with the developers, we have put a huge amount of effort to get the best performance possible in a browser. It pleases me to see that the long open beta testing of more than six months has well and truly paid off. We really wanted to avoid releasing an unfinished game and this has worked out brilliantly for all involved."

You have our full permission to relinquish your weapons and watch the launch video after the jump.

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