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Uber's 'Planetary Annihilation' Kickstarter raises $2.2 million


Planetary Annihilation, a new real-time strategy game to be created by Super Monday Night Combat developer Uber Entertainment, has concluded its Kickstarter founding round at $2.2 million.

"We're excited to be able to bring back a genre that wouldn't have been funded through traditional means," Uber Entertainment CEO Bob Berry told us today.

Uber hit its initial goal of $900,000 with 15 days to spare, since then it's been adding other bonus milestones, with the $2 million mark promising a full orchestral soundtrack for the game.

"Our Kickstarter page says July 2013, so we'll be shooting for that timeframe," Uber executive producer Chandana Ekanayake said when asked about a release window for the game. "We're still amazed at the reception to the Kickstarter and very thankful for all our supporters."

Kickstarter recently declared 2012 as "the year of the game" at the crowd funding site. Planetary Annhilation was the latest of seven Kickstarter projects to surpass $1 million in funding this year.

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