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Sea Turtles currently rideable by level one characters!


We had a bit of fun tonight over on the EU realms, sending the EU WoW equivalent of the A-Team to help a player in need, on Vashj EU, a very low-population server. Dtail had written in to Addon Spotlight to ask about one of his favorite item tracking addons, and happened to mention a few things in passing in the same message.

One of those things was that Sea Turtle mounts are currently rideable at level one! Of course, in the course of our business on Vashj, it was only right that we check this out. Now, we're not sure right now whether this is a bug, or an intended feature, but Dtail, on his bank alt, Rorschach, Ottahz of the GGW Podcast and Shinysigning had a great time on their sea turtles! Look at the nameplates there, do you see how they're all level one?

Now, I could speculate that this is an intentional feature, as the Sea Turtle isn't much of an athlete, and can only carry you at running speed on land. However, you also get the speed boost in water from the turtle on a level one character. This makes me think it's definitely not intentional.

If you're struggling to mount your turtle at level one, it seems the secret is to right-click the text next to the icon, or type /cast sea turtle into chat.

If it turns out to be intentional, and frankly, even if it doesn't, I can tell you for free that I am going to be stepping up my efforts to get this mount! Sure, I won't be going any faster on land, but it is without doubt one of the most adorable mounts in the game. And, with the recent changes to fishing, I have one less obstacle in my way!

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