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Cassini HD for the iPad lets you take a free trip to Saturn today

Mel Martin

I continue to praise the variety of Astronomy apps that are available for iOS. Today, I call your attention to Cassini HD for the iPad, which is usually US $1.99, but is free today only. The app collects more than 800 striking images from the NASA Cassini Mission that did a close flyby of Saturn and its moons.

This app isn't a NASA product, but comes from Thinx Media Interactive. The app features a variety of views of our ringed planet and 20 of its satellites. Each image has an explanation sourced from NASA/JPL. You can swipe from image to image, or use a drop-down menu to explore the images. You can share the images via social networks, email them, or save them to your camera roll where they could be used as a wallpaper on your iPad.

Although the native images are quite detailed, there is no ability to zoom into them and take a closer look at part of the picture. When I first tried the app, I quickly swiped from page to page. After a while, I settled in and spent some time contemplating each image and appreciating the beauty and technology that allows us to see these other-worldly vistas.

NASA publishes a variety of iOS apps, including the useful NASA Science app that summarizes much of what NASA is doing. That said, the Cassini HD collection of images is something NASA doesn't offer, except via a variety of web sites. If you are interested or inspired by these types of images, Cassini HD is free today and worth a download. Check the gallery for some sample screens.

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