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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup just wants to have fun


Earlier this week, Nintendo announced the price and release date for its upcoming Wii U system (if you need to catch up on the news, check out this nifty roundup we put together).

Since the news revolves around a new Nintendo console, the Internet at large will have a number of things to say about it. Regardless of the system's price, it will always be too expensive for a certain subset of folks. Regardless of the extended launch lineup ("launch" being a very generous term), there will be certain players that will be disinterested at best, and offended at worst. Some gamers will even put on their best analyst hat to predict the downfall of Nintendo due to a "guaranteed" poor Wii U launch.

While heavy debate and heated discussions can be fun, the perpetually-curious child inside me will always see the impending arrival of a new home console as a cause for celebration. It's a moment to hope that a developer will see the same promise and cause for innovation that I want to believe exists, locked inside that sparkly new hardware. It's as good a time as any to remind ourselves that this expressive, artistic medium thrives on that passion and love for all things gaming. I encourage you to check out last week's webcomics, some of them appropriately Wii U-themed, and then vote for your favorite after the break!

PiiU (Fanboys)
Three's Dovahkiin (Me/In/Game)
The Wiilds (Legacy Control)
The Splendor of Minecraft (Extra Fabulous Comics)
The Perfect Game (Dorkly)
I Have Never Played Metal Gear Solid, Part 1 (Magical Game Time)
Puzzled (The Gamercat)
Deus Ex Machina (VG Cats)


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