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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: 7 Deadly Sins and WoW


Each week, Blog Azeroth hosts a shared topic for bloggers to answer on their own blogs and then link to in the forum. Last week, Noahdeer from Be MOP asked:
We all know of the Seven deadly sins (Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony) and we all succumb to aspects of them at one time or another, but is there one particular sin that affects you more than the others when you play World of Warcraft?

Are you a bit too prideful about your armor set? or Do you look upon someone with envy when they have a piece of armor that you don't have yet?

*This is not suppose to be about the Christian/Catholic religion, more about the vices that we all experience*
The thing about the Seven Deadly Sins is that they don't really refer to anything mild. Envy isn't "Hey, that's a nice car. Wish I had one." It's Envy: Extreme Edition. "Hey, that guy has a nice car. I hate him for it. It should be mine. I need to get it from him ..." But we'll go ahead with the Seven Deadly Sins: Mild to Moderate Edition.

What's my WoW sin? 50 shades of lust.

Just kidding. It's sloth.

Me: I'm going to level a human pally through the Dungeon Finder!
Actuality: I make it to level 25.

Me: It's because she was human. I can't stand playing humans. I'm going to level a draenei pally through the Dungeon Finder!
Actuality: I make it to level 18.

Me: It's because I don't like pallies. Yeah. I'm going to roleplay a Draenei mage. /invents backstory
Actuality: I make it to level 3.

Me: Obviously, I need to stick with Horde. I'm going to level my blood elf shadowpriest!
Actuality: Oooh goblin mage!

Me: See above.
Actuality: I make it to 40.

Me: I'm going to max my archaeology!
Actuality: I fall asleep in my chair while digging in Northrend.

Me: I'm going to collect All The Things! (NSFW link)
Actuality: Collects a few of the things.

Me: Professions! Max them on all my alts! Yes!
Actuality: /plays Diablo III

Me: I'm going to ... wish I weren't so in-game lazy.

What's your WoW Deadly Sin? If you blog your answer, link it at Blog Azeroth and/or in the comments below.

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