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Obsidian's Project Eternity fully funded, stretch goals revealed


Remember that isometric PC dungeon crawler called Project Eternity that Obsidian Entertainment sought funding for on Kickstarter? The one we told you about, oh, yesterday? Well, not only has the $1.1 million funding goal been reached, but Obsidian revealed the project's initial set of stretch goals for the next month of fundraising.

Should the team raise just over $100K more, the game will receive a new playable race, class and companion each in addition to the three races, five classes and five companions included in the game. At the $1.6 million goal, Obsidian will make a Mac version of the game and add a "new major storyline" with added quests and locations. Hitting the $1.8 million mark nets the same result as the first goal, with another new race, class and companion created for the game.

Players will receive their own houses in the game if the project reaches $2 million in funding, and will see Linux support and a new region, faction and companion if it hits $2.2 million. At the rate Obsidian is moving in its Kickstarter campaign, it is already working on $2.4 million and above stretch goals. If money keeps moving its way, we'd give it another day or so.

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