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All death knight team clears 25-man heroic Dragon Soul


Expansions come and expansions go, but death knights are eternal. It took cross-realm raiding to unite enough death knights into a cohesive team, but renowned DK solo artist Raegwyn has done it again, conquering 25-man heroic Dragon Soul with a team of death knights.

Finding enough strongly geared English-speaking DKs appears to have been the primary challenge for Raegwyn and fellow death knight Valacar, who have already taken down heroic Ragnaros with an all-DK 10-man team. "Russians, Austrians, British (love zonestar ;D), Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, France and and and ..." Raegwyn wrote on the YouTube posting of the event. "Pretty much any nationality was in this raid so leading this bunch of europeans was damn hard because i am as raidleader wasnt that good at english speaking myself."

The group's main setup included:
  • 4 tank blood DKs
  • 17 DPS blood DKs
  • 3 DC heal blood DKs (to assist tanks with Deathcoil Glyph)
  • 1 DW frost DK (for buff)
The team also called in a druid and priest for the Spine encounter to beat the dispell mechanic.

After two weeks of recruiting and strategizing, the group conquered 25-man heroic Dragon Soul four days ago. Cross-realm raiding and strong gearing across the board helped carry the team to victory. "you would love to see me do this pre mop patch? then tell blizz to make it crossrealm earlier... " Raegwyn wrote. " i didnt do this now because 5.0 made us stronger (whats not true in some points) i did this because with 5.0 i could grab enough dks who have the necessary gear."

Check out our 2010 interview with Raegwyn, and see part 2 of the incredible heroic 25-man DS slaughter below.

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