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Amazon Maps API enters beta as retailer weans itself off Google


Well, that's one more option to Google's mapping service and one less company paying data dividends into the Mountain View system. Apple has already left Big G to develop its own platform and now Amazon is going the same root with Amazon Maps API. With the debut of the Kindle Fire HD, the dot-com bubble survivor is working hard to build out its own ecosystem with as little reliance on others as possible. While it will continue to count on Google, at least indirectly, for its tablet OS, most other traces of the Brin and Page powerhouse have been erased. The new, in-house developed map service is still young and may lack some of the more advanced features Google customers enjoy, but it does provide the basics -- interactive maps and customized overlays. The API is designed to play nice with Android's existing location-based API, but it's unclear if the ease of transition will be enough to convince devs to take a chance on Amazon's offering. Those who remember A9, the online retailer's doomed search portal, will be forgiven for wondering if the Fire maker can really compete with Google on its home turf. If you're a curious dev you can sign up for beta access at the source link.

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