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Breakfast Topic: Do you behave differently on different characters?


I was thinking about this the other day, thanks to some research revealing that, indeed, many people do! A lot of folk have been kind enough to answer some questions for me, and have revealed that many of them feel they react differently, act differently, even speak differently on different characters.

So, dear reader, do you? Are you colder, more standoffish on a warlock? More benevolent on a priest? Do you play the white knight on your paladin, or the rage-filled renegade on your warrior? Do you feel more bold on a rogue, knowing you can sneak away into the shadows? Are you more catty on your kitty?

And, most interestingly, are you more devilish on your DK? Of all the people I spoke to, most of the ones who said they did behave differently did so on their DK. I can sort of see why, if I think about it. Firstly, of course, there's the lore, and the start zone, where you have to kill innocent people to progress. It's not nice, but we've been killing innocent boar for years. And there's the fact that DKs are, unless I'm much mistaken, the only class that combines that evil, warlocky damage with melee up-close-and-personal feeling. Furthermore, if you leveled your first character in Wrath, the arrival of the DK at level 58 as an alternative to your main may have set him up as the Hyde to your main's Dr Jekyll.

So what do you think? Do you behave differently on different characters? And if so, why?

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