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Fox 5 New York gets suckered by iPhone 5 concept video


Tech reporting is hard. So many new products, so many features; who can keep track of them all? The answer: not the gang at the NYC Fox affiliate's late evening news, who managed to misrepresent the iPhone 5's feature list rather dramatically.

As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the coverage package of interviews with line-waiters at the 5th Avenue store who are anticipating the Friday launch took a rather surreal turn. The reporter breathlessly cites "a laser keyboard and holographic images" for the new iPhone, as a clip plays showing those capabilities.

Unfortunately, that video clip is the work of Aatma Studio; it's a year-old concept video, showing an obviously misshapen iPhone 5 and several hypothetical new things it could do. (The studio's current concept clip is a winner, including the Rubberband Electronics killer feature.) Seems like the fact-checking squad is out of the office today -- they might have pointed the editor to an actual Apple video of the phone, for instance.

Full clip below. It's sad, but funny. Money moment at about 40 seconds in, which the embed should jump to automatically.

Update: There's some confusion in the comments regarding the source of this clip. Fox 5 New York (WNYW) is a local television station; that's not the same thing as Fox News, the cable news network, or Fox Business News, the business channel where I infrequently appear commenting on all things Apple. We welcome your opinions, but it would be most helpful to have them actually be about the thing we're talking about.

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