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    Daily iPhone App: Space Holiday asks you to connect the stars


    Space Holiday is a recently released puzzle title that definitely tries something new, with varying degrees of success. It's sort of a line-drawing puzzle game: You play for a little space traveler who needs to open up portals by connecting stars on a 2D field, and the idea is that you connect up the stars with lines that don't cross, trying to create shapes that turn into the portals you need. The basic mechanic is that there are some angry asteroids trying to block your path, so you need to make sure to draw your lines around (or through, sometimes) the asteroids in exactly the right order.

    Everything is nicely polished and works well, though the core mechanic is a little boring, to be honest. The early puzzles, especially, are fairly easy, and even later on, the game isn't always flashy enough to really get you caring about how to do it right. Puzzle fans might not be worried about that, and there is a star rating on each level to try and push you to do it as quickly as possible, but I found the game's setting and aesthetics less than inviting, unfortunately.

    Still, this is a very original puzzle game, and players who appreciate its connect-the-dot puzzles will probably really enjoy it. Space Holiday is now available on iPhone for $0.99, you can grab an HD version on iPad for $1.99, or there are free versions (with just nine levels to test out) on each device as well.

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