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    Daily iPhone App: Square Enix's Unreal game is called Demons' Score


    Oh man, Square Enix's entries to the App Store just keep getting weirder. We heard a while back that the company would be working on an original game using Epic's Unreal engine for iOS, and here it is: It's called Demons' Score, and it's a rhythm-based shooter. No, really.

    The idea of the game is that, like the great Elite Beat Agents (which, by the way, should probably get an iOS port sooner rather than later), you have to tap circles on the screen as they count down, in time to whatever track is playing. In the background, then, your character (in this case a scantily dressed female named Serenity with a teddy bear sidekick -- oh, Japan) fights demons with a firearm, in time to your tapping. If it sounds weird, that's because it really is. And some of you might (and probably should) be tempted to pick this up just because it is so completely strange.

    But a rhythm game like this depends on its music, and while Square Enix's pedigree is high, hiring composers like the folks behind Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana and Groove Coaster, the tunes here weren't that great to my ears. They're not bad, just not really something I'd want to listen to and play again and again. Unless you just want to see the weirdness for yourself, Demons' Score might be a tough title to recommend at $6.99. But it is a universal app, which is nice, and kudos to Square Enix for being ready and willing to go off the reservation with an original iOS title. I'm ready to support this one, if for no other reason than that.

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