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Massively Exclusive: Rusty Hearts' big honking patch


Rusty Hearts is growing in leaps and bounds lately, and the team has a wonderful present for players: a big honking patch full of content additions to the game. This week's update increases the level cap to 50, adds five new dungeons, and greatly expands Rusty Hearts' available weapons and skills. The new dungeons for exploration are the Aquarium, Altar Entrance, Veranda, King's Grave, and Catacomb.

Perfect World Senior Product Manager Mark Hill hopes this keeps everyone busy, even if just for a while: "This is definitely the one of the most exciting updates for Rusty Hearts and it's the perfect addition to the Rusty Hearts: Reborn expansion released last month. Our community is always hungry for more content, and we're happy to oblige!"

Massively has an exclusive look at this update, including over a dozen screenshots and a nifty trailer after the jump!

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