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Apple patent application has iPhones text when calls don't reach spotty coverage areas


If you're already using Android 4.0 or iOS 6, you're likely familiar with the option to send a pre-made text reply to incoming calls you can't take. But what if it's your own call that won't go through, at no fault of your own? Apple may have that covered through a patent application that could keep the accusations to a minimum. If flaky reception at the destination prevents your call from connecting, the proposed idea has your iPhone automatically send a text message indicating that you've at least tried to get in touch. Recipients with Apple's hardware contribute to their own solution in this world: the message code is a cue to measure the signal strength and flag the location as a weak point in the carrier's network. Whether or not Apple acts on its concept is as much of a mystery as with most other patents, although we're hoping it becomes real. If anything's going to strain a relationship, it shouldn't be dodgy coverage.

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