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Maps missing info dismays some iOS 6 users


Maps gaps dismay some iOS 6 users

Detail differences between Apple's new maps (top) and Google maps (bottom) have some iOS 6 users scratching their heads and wondering how long Apple will take to bring their Maps database up to speed. Developer Mathieu Roy shared the above maps, which highlight how the newly Apple-sourced versions still have plenty of growing room.

Developer Jeremy Tregunna adds "That map isn't so bad; the entire city of Escazú in San José, Costa Rica, is missing, and it's misspelled 'Escaza.'"

Satisified with Maps? Or disappointed by Maps gaps? How has your iOS 6 transition been going?

Update: Rich Gaywood points to this iOS 6 Maps Tumblr.

Update: The Guardian reports, "Within minutes of the launch of the iOS6 operating system, which comes preloaded with Apple Maps, users were reporting that Paddington station had vanished, London had been relocated to Ontario, the Sears Tower in Chicago had shrunk, and Helsinki railway station had been turned into a park."

Update: Reggie sends us this composite image. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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