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Runic taking break from Torchlight after Mac version, not working on Torchlight MMO


Runic Games is planning to take a break from Torchlight sequels and isn't working on the Torchlight MMO.

"While we have no plans to begin work on an MMO, that's partly because we have no plans, period!" Runic CEO Max Schaefer told Joystiq today. "We're waiting to do the Mac port of Torchlight 2, and fix whatever launch issues we have, and then decide after we've had a good night's sleep or three. It is likely that nothing that would be called an MMO is the next thing we do, though, but that's not 100 percent certain."

Runic president Travis Baldree said something similar today on Reddit: "I'll be frank, we have no plans to jump into that right now. The landscape is a little different than a few years ago, and creating the amount of content we did for Torchlight 2 was a supreme effort with a team this size. Taking on an MMO immediately afterward is not our current desire."

There had been previous allusions, along with expectations of Runic parent-company Perfect World, regarding the Torchlight MMO, but our attempts to further clarify were not answered by publishing. Torchlight 2 launched today on PC.

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