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The Daily Grind: Do you pre-judge Korean MMOs?

Jef Reahard

Blade & Soul is currently one of the most popular games in Korea, and a subset of Western gamers have been looking forward to it for several years.

Given the lukewarm reception for TERA and Aion, though, it's not hard to imagine B&S facing an uphill battle in terms of public perception. I'm not sure why that is, exactly, but there's a definite anti-Korean bias among western MMO players regardless of the actual quality of an imported game. TERA has a terrific combat system and cutting-edge visuals, for example, while Aion is as feature-rich as any MMO that has been released since 2004 (it's also dialed its level grind down to World of Warcraft-style easy mode).

So, how about it morning folks? Do you pre-judge Korean MMOs? And if so, how come?

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