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Catch up on your WoW lore with the Story of Warcraft


The lore and backstory of the Warcraft universe is a rich tapestry that's been woven -- and rewoven -- over time, occasionally to make room for space goats with crystal starships. It's OK if you haven't been able to keep it all straight because Blizzard is coming to the rescue with its Story of Warcraft.

The Story of Warcraft is a brand-new feature on the World of Warcraft website that details the history of the game and game world from the very beginning through today. It's broken up into separate chapters, one for each major game release, and is chock-full of art and videos.

The feature is by no means complete; it's an ongoing project by the Blizzard crew. Check it out and see if even you grizzled veterans might learn a thing or two!

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