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Kickstarter imposes new rules to address project risks


Kickstarter is imposing new rules designed to give backers more information on a project's risks. In a post titled 'Kickstarter is Not a Store,' the crowdfunding site announced the introduction of a 'Risks and Challenges' section to projects. The section must adequately explain the difficulties a project may face, and what the project creator can do to overcome them. Kickstarter says the new section is designed to give backers what they need to know about a work-in-progress.

Kickstarter is also imposing additional rules on Hardware and Product Design projects, again in mind with dispelling the idea of the site being like a store. Product simulations and renderings are now banned, meaning concept images and demonstrations are not allowed. Products must also not be offered in multiple quantities, as Kickstarter feels this implies "that products are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship." These additional rules do not apply to video games, as they don't fall into either category, but they do apply to consoles like the Ouya and to console peripherals.

Kickstarter recently declared 2012 to be the 'year of the game'. Games represent the site's second most-funded category, as well as the majority of projects to surpass $1 million.

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