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Runes of Magic previews Chrysalias Shadows patch


Dubbed the "Mysterious Land of the Elements," Chrysalia will be the next step for Runes of Magic adventurers. This strange region is set to open on September 25th, but Gameforge has a preview video to whet your appetite for the journey to come.

Chrysalia is dominated by strong elemental features, such as waterfalls and lava, and looks to be populated by many intelligent insect species. Some of these, like the Garon, are friendly, but others, like the Kulech, will spit acid in your face and slurp your insides for dinner. Or so we've heard.

Next Tuesday's patch will also introduce a new challenging instance to the game. Check out the flyby video after the jump and let us know what you think!

[Source: Gameforge press release]

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