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Sleeping Dogs DLC rouses first story missions, many content packs in October


The plan to provide six months of Sleeping Dogs DLC continues across October. Square Enix will dish out a variety of mission packs and in-game items, presumably as premium (see: you gotta buy it) DLC – like the Street Racer pack, which adds three new races, one in a car, one on a motorcycle and one steering a boat. Packed in is a new Sting motorbike, a custom helmet and a leather jacket that adds extra defense against gunfire.

The SWAT pack puts you in an armored van as you patrol the streets of Hong Kong, responding to various emergencies in your new SWAT tactical uniform that can "withstand twice as much damage." The Tactical Soldier pack puts an assault rifle with an attached grenade launcher in your hands and a tactical uniform, accessible at any time from your apartment. As far as price goes for all this stuff, Square Enix isn't talking how much – in the past these packs have typically cost a few bucks a pop.

A free community gift pack will be available sometime in October, the contents of which haven't been revealed yet. And, finally, the first DLC to extend the Sleeping Dogs story will also be available in October and is set to be revealed at New York Comic Con on October 14.

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