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Swiss railway says it's 'proud' Apple is using its iconic clock design, still wants to get paid


If you thought the new iPad clock app in iOS 6 looked a little familiar, you're not alone. The design is a near-exact replica of the iconic Swiss railway clock designed in 1955 by Hans Hilfiker and since licensed for use in Mondaine watches. Not surprisingly, both Swiss railway operator SBB and the Mondaine Group have also noticed the striking similarity, and they say they're now looking at ways to remedy the situation with Apple. For its part, an SBB spokesperson tells Reuters that "SBB isn't hurt, but proud that his icon of watch design is being used by a globally active and successful business," while Mondaine co-owner Andre Bernheim notes that "the app is pretty much identical to our Mondaine watch," and adds that these "three companies together -- Apple, SBB and Mondaine -- can together achieve something positive. We'll see how this all ends up." Apple has yet to offer a comment on the matter. Jump past the break to compare the two for yourself.

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