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Breakfast Topic: Do you like to experiment with your character setup?


Down with the reliable embrace of perfectly polished play and satisfyingly predictable outcomes. Give me something new! Give me tweaks! Give me hair-splitting adjustments, unpopular talents, quirkily overbudgeted greens or blues. I'm the girl with the crammed closet and a pair of pants or helm to complement every shifting talent point. Transmogrification? Fashion?! Bah. I need playstyle alternatives, people.

The same mentality that makes me stubborn about my overall spec (I play what I like, and if you "need" something else, the line of raid finder players is right over there) and somewhat capricious about following The One True Rotation (I mostly play healers, anyway, and you're wanting a sentient being with good judgment, right?) also makes me the kind of player who's popping in another of the new glyphs at least -- oh, who am I kidding? -- every other day or so.

In fact, I'd say that discovering entertaining but not necessarily overclocked mechanics is possibly the most fun I have playing World of Warcraft. I like knowing how to optimize my character, and I keep a raid-ready, streamlined setup within easy reach. (In case of emergency, break glass.) But I enjoy the humor of trying something unexpected. A tri-spec priest build back in vanilla (that's right, a tank healer with Mind Flay who dueled anyone who'd accept) set the stage for crazy combinations and unique setups that worked for whatever content was going on at the time -- well, for a week or so, anyway.

Are you willing to break the mold and try something crazy with your character? Do you experiment with different ways to attack your rotation or spec? Or do you prefer the safe, loving arms of a fully theorycrafted experience?

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