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Mushroom Men return in 'Pax's Truffle Trouble'


A corner of Fantastic Arcade housed a trio of Devolver Digital demo stations, including a unit displaying an unannounced Mushroom Men game called Pax's Truffle Trouble.

Mushroom Men originally appeared on Wii and DS, in a pair of platform action games developed by Red Fly Studio and published by Gamecock. Gamecock isn't around anymore, but Red Fly is still behind this new game, and the platforming has also changed significantly.

While Mushroom Men on Wii was a full 3D adventure in which your tiny fungus friends navigated the human-sized world, Pax's Truffle Trouble is a more abstract experience that seems inspired by Catherine.

Mushroom Men return in 'Pax's Truffle Trouble'

Set in a dream world, the mushroom Pax has to move from left to right along a series of cubes that constantly appear in front of him. Behind him is a monstrous "truffle princess." In order to escape, he has to push, pull, and pick up and move cubes to make a safe path. Both the use of block puzzles for traversal and the weird relationship themes – the truffle princess is motivated by her desire to kiss Pax – remind me of Atlus's weird, weird puzzler from last year, though Truffle Trouble uses side-scrolling block environments instead of giant towers.

Devolver plans to release Truffle Trouble on PS3 PSN, XBLA, and PC. It's being funded through a drive on the crowdfunding service Gambitious, with 38 days remaining on the drive and just six pledges to date.

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